Oh sweet boy, you are to me,

Like a whistle is to its swing,

As a piece of sand is to the sea,

Or a leaf is to rooted tree. 

Your head nestled close to mine,

Is as a tock is to its time,

A VHS clicked to rewind,

Linked as ink is to its line. 

The steady stream of your breath,

Mingled close to my breast,

A moment I dare not let,

Escape my heart, not now, not yet. 


Snow; thickest dew of white

Whispers, falls in dead of night,

Alights the branch, ground, a thud

A Candle’s wick of glow above,

The morn’ is icy wooded cracks,

Furry rabbits’ hopp-ed tracks,

Pierced pupil, young dream’s delight,

Now hush and taste first snow tonight.

Baby Boy Mine. 

I heard of a baby at church today
Whose mommy was told that he couldn’t stay

What was a short nap, turned into a long one

And so my mind the reel of her grief did run,

I wondered if you, baby boy mine,

Were hers for a day, and her greatest pain mine 

If she wouldn’t choose to lay you down for a nap 

But just to stroke your sweet head while you laid in lap

Would she hold you forever, baby boy mine,

As long as the clock knew how to keep time?

And if I were her, would the blue starlet sheets,

Never be touched, would my memory repeat,

Every fluff of your hair, every softest of sighs

Every laugh, every grin and each one of your cries?

I imagine her heart would still beat every day,

Because once in her heart, there forever you’d stay. 

So I held you longer than normal this time,

And thanked God for each breath, baby boy mine.